What is CocoRio?

CocoRio offers creative child care: a mix between child care and creative activities in the safe environment of your own home. We currently operate all over London and Home Counties and anywhere else in the UK upon request!

All our sitters are professionals in their artistic fields, ranging from musicians, to actors, to dancers, to name but a few! Within these fields, many have conducted choirs, exhibited artwork nationally, and starred on a West End stage, meaning they all have exciting stories to tell! They share their creative skills with your children through productive sessions specifically tailored to your wants and needs.

We’re providing a guilt-free alternative to traditional babysitting where parents know their children are engaging in meaningful and beneficial activities while they are away. All our sitters are DBS-checked, fully first aid-trained and, most importantly, have extensive experience working with children, allowing their passion to shine through in any creative setting.

How is CocoRio useful?

Time management - Ever find it difficult to balance your children’s diverse interests with pickup from different schools? We can help by matching you with a sitter who leads activities entirely tailored to your child’s preferences, as well as ensuring they are collected from school on time and taken home safely.

Language immersion - Searching for a multilingual sitter with an equally impressive creative skillset? Keen to immerse your children in a foreign language from a young age? Our sitters come from all over the world and many have native-level language skills to match your requirements.

Homework/Homeschooling support - Many of our sitters have experience working as tutors or are confident to support children with their homework. Let us know what skills you require and we will find your ideal sitter!

SEND - Many of our sitters are experienced working with children with different disabilities. Some have qualifications, others years and years of experience. Let us know your children’s requirements for ad hoc support.

Group entertainment and care (Events and special occasions?) - Organising a wedding and need someone to look after your children during the reception? Or searching for an entertainer to lead fun activities during a birthday party or playdate? We can provide a handpicked sitter with all the skills you want to make it a truly memorable occasion for everyone involved! We can also organise regular private group sessions for children of any ages willing to learn in a creative way together.

What might a creative child care session look like for my child’s age group?

For the following age-groups we offer both in-person or online sessions led by CocoRio sitters, mentors and creative facilitators.

CocoRio (0-5 yo)

All sessions with our creative facilitators and sitters include movement, music, arts & crafts, and even the opportunity to be immersed in a foreign language from a young age! They will engage your children in fun, educational and creative activities, providing all the benefits the arts can have on early childhood development!

RocketTunez (6-10 yo)

At this age, your children may develop interests in a specific creative skill. We match your children with professionals in these creative fields to support your child’s interest, providing them with continual engagement and practice in these areas. We also provide school support and mentoring tailored to your needs, plus the opportunity to continue language immersion as your child’s skills improve with age.

FineTunerz (11-15 yo)

Our facilitators focus on the personal and professional growth of your pre-teens, focusing on confidence building, public speaking, language learning, practicing instruments and more. We match you with a creative mentor with the specific skill set required, who will support your children as they mature into young adults.

Who are CocoRio sitters?

CocoRio sitters are creative professionals, musicians, actors, costume makers, etc, who have plenty of experience working with children. All our sitters undergo a thorough three-stage application process to ensure we only send our clients the very best. We interview all our sitters in person or on a conference call. They are all DBS checked and First Aid trained and they undergo constant professional development that we support.

How do you match sitters with clients?

We are the first babysitting/childcare provider agency that has implemented a matching engine based on location, skills and languages, as well as age group. If the matching engine cannot find the perfect sitter for you, please get in touch. Our staff is always recruiting and will prioritise any specific request coming in. Contact us here (contact button)

How do I become a CocoRio sitter?

Just Register as a Sitter on the top of the page.

What are CocoRio values?


We are a friendly company that aims to deliver a tailored service and engage with clients in a proactive, informed and personable manner. As the benefits of early artistic education are still not fully understood by most, we strive to make them easily accessible through an intuitive, approachable concept.

User Friendly:

We are the first babysitting company to develop a smart matching engine that seamlessly pairs families with their ideal sitter. Our sitters are experienced professionals with a plethora of skills, both creative and language-based. Our matching process filters location, creative expertise, language preferences, age group and any specific personal requirements to ensure we find just the right sitter for you! Our customer service line is open seven days a week to provide support to all families and CocoRio sitters.


CocoRio employs creative practitioners who are passionate about childcare. All employees understand the value of the arts and their positive impact on the development of children. They are DBS-checked, fully first aid-trained and required to complete a specialist training course before beginning work with any of our families.


We strive to be as diverse as possible in our artistic offering and the languages in which we lead sessions. Our sitters come from all over the world, providing our classes with a truly global outlook and personal feel - quality creative childcare transcends all boundaries and cultures!


At CocoRio, we care about our environment. Materials incorporated in our sessions are often reusable pieces that can be found lying around at home. We also recycle arts & crafts materials and make use of natural refashionable elements like twigs and leaves to minimise waste.

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