Hyde Park group session

We are delighted to announce a new class for 0-4 year olds! At 11am on Wednesdays,  amazing dancer Viola will lead a dance, drama and music extravaganza in the idyllic surroundings of Hyde Park. Come and join us for a high-energy session in one of London's most picturesque settings :) The sessions can go on despite wet grass or drizzle as there is lots of movement involved so be ready to stay on your feet! (Babies welcome but be prepared to carry them through loads of fun moves which are sure to make them giggle) Meeting point is in front of Queen Victoria's statue in Kensington Gardens (link to the location: https://goo.gl/maps/EU7Fz8j5Xo4G2DmR9). This event is in partnership with Kensington Mums. 


45 min
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